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I bought three dresses from this firm , one was too tight, so I asked for an address to return it, first They said they had no proof of purchase, I didnt believe so I sent pictures of the two bags of the dresses I was keeping ,a picture of the bag with the dress in that I wanted to return , and a picture of the parcel wrapping that they all came in . They had my name, address, and telephone number, and I filled a form in as asked.

On messenger I sent numerous messages, I dont think they were even read , I just received standard replies. I am self isolating and at 87 I bought the dresses to cheer me up, instead I was just left with a bucketful of stress.. I WILL NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS FIRM AGAIN.

I have had enough of these people. and I dont ever want to hear or see their name again .

User's recommendation: Keep well away from this firm.

Product or Service Mentioned: Airydress Dress.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Airydress Pros: Too small too big.

Airydress Cons: No customer service, Questionnaires too long.

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I will never order from this company again. Zero customer service.


This company is a total rip of you can't get no answer from them and what comes is not what you ordered then they keep your money disgusting service


I feel lucky. I received everything I ordered in a timely manner.

I paid with a regular credit card through paypal on their 4 pay system. The material on some products was ok and others, not ok. I had 2 items that would not fit but paid less than $10 for them combo. I read all the info on the site and sent info to a few friends but warned them as always, do your own research and use a secure credit card....paypal...not debit to pay for the items.

The swim suit had a nice top but no bottoms ( I can order one at Wally) and the shoes....well , they actually looked like pressed 3D paper shoes and did not fit, even though I ordered the size they recommended. I made the assumption before ordering the prices were too good not to be from a foreign source. I only invested $100 bucks and lost probably $12-13.

I made copies of the invoices when I ordered and of what they sent to me when shipped. I did not bother to request refunds or send back items, after seeing the quality, I knew it would be a lost cause and lesson learned!


Everything you stated is exactly what I'm going through!


I am so sorry to hear that happened to you...my mother is 82, and this company isn't even American...so no accountability or recourse!!!! Scam artists.


This is the worst cheat ever ,rubbish material and won't let you return should be banned from trading


I wish I would’ve read this before I ordered stuff. Only two of the nine items I bought fit me.

I am trying to return them at but I am not getting a response from this outfit. I will never do business with them again.

I highly recommend you stay away from this company. They are a big rip off.


same thing happen to me, I ordered tops, and got tops that look like I made them, and I can't sew good..!!! This is not a good place..

$22.oo for each top and I would not wear them anywhere..!! And the so called free return Will not work.!!!

Mary Schuyler, 112 Bolton Ave. Newark,Ohio 43055


My order was placed March 3, 2021 and still haven't received it and need the merchandise for my son's wedding in May!


Iv been build for things not received


Diabolical company. 4 blouses ordered, only one of any reasonable quality...

barely worth the heavily discounted 'offer price'. A refund (Less SHIPPING) was offered if I returned the unsatisfactory items at MY expense, or if I accepted a 50% refund I could hold on to the useless goods. After kicking up a fuss they offered a VOUCHER to cover original shipping, which I believe is contrary to the revised distance selling rules, but return costs would still be deducted from my refund. Eventually I agreed on the 50% refund option which they honoured in part...

the refund amounted to only 46%. Customer service response was prompt and timely but incoherent. Whether this was deliberate or otherwise was unclear. The company does not make it clear that the items would ship from China...

they imply local courier.

Given that they did ship from China the delivery time was acceptable. Not an out and out scam but almost as bad; I cannot recommend this site to anybody.


Thank-you dear lady. I started noticing the hands and feet of the models...they were all manly!

So, I started to think are these models gender reassignment, or are they trying to deceive?

That is when I started my inquiry, and found you!! NO THANKS CHINA!


I ordered a blouse when it arrived it was the same style colour etc but was a dress (Believe me with my legs I would not order a dress) I have not been able to contact Airy so will probably turn it into a shirt myself but will be letting everyone I know not to buy from this company


I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Because of reviews like yours I am steered away from companies I'm unfamiliar with so I thank you for taking to time to write a review.

So many ads we see online, with cute clothes, are for foreign companies (many in China) who are NOT reputable at all and they steal our money. I hope you order your future cute dresses from better companies, like from Amazon.

Good luck !! Robin P, Minnesota


I was just about to place an order and thought I would read a few reviews about them. So thank you. I will not be ordering now.

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